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This book includes six mini tests and two complete practice tests. It isaccompanied by a DVD–ROM which includes: * audio files (MP3) for mini tests 1—6 and complete practice tests 1 and 2 * complete practice tests 1 and 2 in TOEFL iBT format for PC * an interactive glossary * animated videos demonst..
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Brand: Mcgraw Hill
The bestselling collection of Official TOEFL iBT (R) Tests straight from ETS, the maker of the test! Are you preparing to take the TOEFL test? Why not study with the only guide on the market that contains real TOEFL questions pulled from recent exams? Official TOEFL iBT Tests, Volume I give..
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Περιέχει:6 complete practice tests for the TOEFL iBT examΑκουστικά (Listening)Λύσεις..
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 Το Succeed in TOEFL6 Practice Tests Student's Book (Βιβλίο Μαθητή) είναιένα βιβλίο της διδακτικής σειράς Succeed του εκδοτικού οίκου Andrew Betsis που απευθύνεται σε μαθητές που επιθυμούν να εξεταστούν στοTOEFL.Το βιβλίο περιέχει 6 πλήρη τεστ TOEFL,οδηγό εξετάσεων του TOEFL μεανάλυση των επι μέρους..
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This TOEFL study guide offers a concise and engaging coverage of the skills, strategies, and knowledge to improve both your test score and your academic English in a much shorter amount of time than with standard TOEFL iBT® test preparation textbooks.Perfect for use as a primary course book or for i..
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